Rosie Responds To Photoshop Claim… In Annoying, Verse Form

Katie Couric isn’t the only celebrity involved in a photoshop scandal this week (we use the word “scandal” loosely seeing how nobody actually cares). It seems that the folks over at ABC decided to trim a few layers off of new View co-host Rosie O’Donnell as well. Rosie, as she tends to do, responded on her website:

i saw the view black suit photo

on drudge

and i vote yes

it was photo-shopped

look at the amount of white space

between my arm and body

barbara and elisabeth seem to vanish

there in my underarm thinnest

yes i say


So there you have it; even Rosie thinks the photograph is doctored. Of course, that begs the question: if they’re photoshopping Rosie O’Donnell pictures, why stop at just the love handles? Why not go all out, like this?

…Of The Day

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