Move over Cathy, K-Fed’s an Even Bigger Choc-a-Holic!

Chocaholism is something that’s affected some the greatest talents of our generations. From Cathy to Caroline Rhea, some folks are married to a sweet, brown lover they call chocolate. Unfortunately, it looks like Kevin Federline is the latest victim of this disease (because it is a disease, you know). BWE has obtained this revealing photo of K-Fed during a recent outing with his dog in Malibu and it proves that Kevin’s problems run deeper than we thought. He’s clearly downing Yoo-Hoo in the middle of the day. When you see a grown man sipping the malted chocolate beverage from a can on a hot summer’s day, you can’t help but feel sad, and a little nauseous. Before you know it, he’ll be stashing empty packets of Ho-Ho’s in his pockets and doing lines of powdered NesCafe. There’s no telling how many lives he’ll destroy in the process. Or worse yet, how many embroidered pillows he’ll inspire.

George Clooney Finds a GILF?

British tabloids are reporting that 45-year-old silver fox George Clooney has been shacking up with his Oceans 13 co-star, the radiant Ellen Barkin, who, at 52, is seven years his senior. Clooney is well known for his young tail exploits, while Barkin has just lived through an incredibly messy divorce to the world’s richest bald man, Revlon owner Ron Perelman. And even at 52, Barkin looks better than most of the starlets gracing the magazine pages these days… she was Diane Lane before Diane Lane was Diane Lane. And Clooney may be the worldliest/classiest man on the planet. So what’s in the stars for these two? We’ve popped a quarter into the “BWE Love-o-Tron” to see how compatible this pairing is… and take a look!

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